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      Is it possible to map the hotswitch to a button on the H9 for certain patches or just with an ext switch? For instance freeze on reverbs or fast/slow on the rotary algo. This would be awesome to have it on some patches that you don't need tempo for, or best would be if you could just press down the encoder/hotknob for it. 

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      Those are some interesting ideas…  But yeah, currently you can only map the performance switch, ie hotswitch, to an external aux switch or MIDI controller.

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      Thanks! Yeah……that's the one feature I really need outside of the switches currently on the H9. I actually use a looper/midi controller, but it will only change patches. I might look into just a single switch ext. pedal. 

      It would be awesome though if a future update allowed you to use the tempo switch or the encoder switch as the performance switch.

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      New user, totally agree that the encoder switch should be able to be used as a hotswitch.

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      +1 here!

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      I was somewhat confused until I read this post.  The H9 Control App for iOS has a center button at the bottom of the Factor image that for SpaceFactor presets is labeled HotSwitch.  You tap this button on this app and the Settings move to patched positions.   Tap the button again and the settings return to preset positions.  This center HotSwitch on the app has the Tap switch on the right side and the Active switch on the left side just as the H9 Stompbox.  Why does the iOS app function this way but the Stompbox does not?

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      Yes totally agree it would be so useful to be able to control the hotswitch with the tap button hardware button… this would take the H9 to a whole new level to compete with many other pedals without the use of an added expression stomp button which.

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      I have an aux switch mapped to the hotswitch. Is it possible to map the tap tempo to it but only for certain presets?

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        Eventide Staff
        snakle wrote:
        I have an aux switch mapped to the hotswitch. Is it possible to map the tap tempo to it but only for certain presets?

        Sorry – it is not possible.


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        nickrose wrote:
        Sorry – it is not possible.

        Ok. I figured but maybe you can suggest a workaround.

        Current setup:

        • H9 into an expression pedal & single aux switch using the 2a method here on Eventide’s site.
        • Aux button is mapped to hotswitch
        • I use the right-button to navigate through my presets and push down on the wheel to change the direction of preset navigation (e.g. I hit the right-button to go up a preset, push wheel, and then hit the right-button again to go down presets)
        • I also have an unused 3-button aux switch that I stopped using after I bought the VP jr to be used as an expression pedal.
        • Currently the H9 is the only MIDI capable pedal I own

        Goal: I’d like to be able to navigate my presets AND be able to change tap tempo on the fly without having to hold down on the right H9 button every time I need to change either.

        When I was using the 3-button aux switch I kept the H9 in tap tempo mode and programmed the 3 buttons to Decrement Preset, Increment Preset, and Performance Switch and used the left H9 button to activate the preset. And this worked perfectly until I needed to add an expression pedal.

        My guess is that if I want to keep the expression pedal & single aux switch mapped to Performance Switch then I will need to add some sort of MIDI controller to my board, but I know nothing about MIDI and reading about it makes me even more confused. Below are my main questions & ideas. Please help if you can I’m so lost.

        • I don’t think I need anything too complex. Honestly if there was a 3-button MIDI controller that worked just like my 3-button aux switch that would be great for me.
        • I was looking at the MIDI Mouse (see Eventide forum post here) but I am not sure if it works. When I press the up or down buttons on the MIDI Mouse I’d like to be able to see the preset names on the H9 (e.g. if it says 1 on the MIDI Mouse and I move it to 2 the H9 should display whatever the #2 preset is on my list without activating and I should be able to activate it by pressing the left H9 button or activate button on the MIDI… actually it also would be nice to simply navigate the presets using MIDI up/down + actiavate preset with the left H9 button + map the “activate” button on the MIDI Mouse to Toggle Tuner if I’ll be activating the preset via H9 anyway), but after reading through the forum post it seems like that’s not possible. The user said the preset names stopped getting displayed for some reason and the issue didn’t seem to get resolved.
        • If the MIDI Mouse isn’t a good option is there anything else that you’d recommend?

        Thanks so much!

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