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      Hi, When I run my H9 in the effects loop of my Marshall JVM205C I get a weird tone shape effect kind of like a wah pedal half engaged. This happens even when the H9 is off. Any ideas?

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      Well, here's a post on marshallforum.com that talks about tone loss when using an effects loop. Might it be any of the things that came up in that thread?


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      Hi, thanks for the link, but it isn't really the problem I'm having. When the H9 is out of the loop things are fine with my other pedals. It's only when the H9 is in the loop I get the unusual tone.

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      Yes, i can confirm that !

      I had an JVM 205H a few years ago and i'm never satisfied with the Effekts Loop of the Amp.



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      Hi There,

      This may be an impedence mismatch problem. I suggest adding a buffer as the first item in the effects loop chain. This website has a good article on the kind of things impedance mismatched cause, as well as some good buffer suggestions:


      Although not addressing an FX loop directly, the problems and solutions can be applied to the loop. The math is the same, and should work for you.

      I use my H9 in the FX loop of my POD HD500X, and it is awesome!!! And if you really want to see what your H9 is capable of, you have to try it in stereo … you will Blow Your Audience's Mind!!!

      Best of Luck to you!!!

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      Further to this I’m using two H9’s with a BOSS ES8, and I’ve noticed massive volume drops when I put H9 in the FX loop. I’ve had to increase the output level to 18! Any ideas/solutions? I’m also lucky enough to have an H90, and there is no such volume discrepancy.

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