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      Just got an H9 and I'm trying to run it in the parallel loop of my Bogner Ecstasy.  Only issue is it makes the overall tone of the amp sound very scooped and lacking in mid range. I can resolve this by using the H9 in Kill Dry Mode, but that mutes all of the other effects in my loop when the pedal is disengaged.

      I can run the loop in series mode, but my other pedals are all configured for and sound better in a parallel loop.  

      Is there a solution for this?


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      Not what you want to hear but I just tried running an h9 through the parallel loop of an old Marshall jvm. Kill dry was on and as long as the parellel mix knob was under 95% it sounded fine. Above 95% there was a slight volume drop but that is a known problem with the Marshall's loop. The tone didn't scoop at all.

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      I bought an H9 last friday and it had the same issue in a parallel effects loop creed by a Mini Mix II — I took it back and the replacement did not have the issue …. fwiw, imho, ymmv

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      Sounds like a phase issue to me.  Parallel loops run both signals (dry and wet) simultaneously, at the mix ratio you set.  The signals are supposed to remain in-phase with eachother, but if for some reason the phase of the wet mix is say flipped 180 degrees, phase cancellation will occur and result in a scooped tone.  Not familiar with the loop on your amp, but I've had the issue in the past with early JCM2000's.  

      In all likelyhood there is nothing "wrong", effects in parallel loops are just meant to be run in kill-dry or 100% wet (on the pedal, not the amp). This way the mix on your amp only mixes in the affected signal, otherwise you are also mixing in an additional version of your original dry signal, causing the phase cancellation.  I've included the killdry instructions from the manual below, hope they help! 

      Killdry – Send/Return Loop

      If you’ve connected the H9 using an effect send/return loop (either your amp’s or a mixer’s), the H9’s Killdry feature can be enabled.

      When Killdry is enabled, the H9 does not send any dry signal to the outputs; only the Effect. Note that when Killdry is enabled, Bypassing will mute the Effect rather than Bypass it when DSP Bypass is selected.

      Killdry’s factory default is disabled. It can be enabled in the [BYPASS] menu of the System Mode. Here’s how:

      1. Press and hold the HOTKNOB button and Right Footswitch simultaneously for a few seconds to enter System Mode.
      2. Turn the Knob until [BYPASS] is displayed.
      3. Momentarily press the HOTKNOB button.
      4. Turn the Knob until [KILDRY] is displayed.
      5. Momentarily press the HOTKNOB button.
      6. Turn the Knob to select either [YES] or [NO].
      7. Press and hold the HOTKNOB button and Right Footswitch simultaneously for a few seconds to exit System Mode.
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      Thanks for the comprehensive reply, I appreciate it.

      I did know about dry kill ( have an Eclipse too) and the unit sounded the same out of the loop, so I returned it; and the second was fine for a few days but then the presets would no longer load so now I have third — so far it only crashed when loading presets from the second one for a few days and is operating fine in the moment, haha, ….

      Great unit, concept and a good start on the software, sounds better than my TF  …

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