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      I’m using my H9 in a stereo effects loop with a Roland JC-40 amp. I’ve had it set up this way since I purchased it, but recently added a Source Audio EQ2 pedal at the front of my signal chain and a Source Audio Atlas compressor at the end. When the EQ2 is activated, even with a flat EQ curve, the H9 was hitting the peak light a lot, and I heard “crickets” from the amp. After having the H9 for months, I’m embarrassed to say that I just discovered the KillDry setting.

      So with KillDry on… the effects sound much less striking. I’m wondering if I should turn KillDry off and lower the input signal, or take it out of the effects loop and have the stereo outs at the end of my chain go into the dual inputs of the JC-40. Or something completely different. 🙂


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      I went back into the H9 settings and turned Killdry off… and for some reason, I’m not getting the overload I was before. As usual, I have to ask for help before I solve my own problems, lol.

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      Also new to H90…. also embarrassed to ask… what’s the kill dry and where is it?? 🤔😁

      Thanks in advance


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        Eventide Staff

        Kill Dry is a setting that removes the dry signal entirely, and turns the mix knob into an FX level knob. This is useful when you only want the wet signal present, for instance when using wet/dry setup or using the H90 with an effects send. You may not need this setting depending on how you are using the H90.

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      It’s in the Pedal Settings, Rob. My final result was to leave that and the Bypass setting with the default setting.

      If you are NOT already using the H9 Control app, I strongly recommend it. Make sure you register your H9 before trying to connect, though… that is not documented, but without that, you’ll have trouble connecting.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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