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      I usually play guitar with my amp turned up, and my guitar volume turned down (around 5-7). Sometimes, though, I do max the guitar volume.

      How should I set the H9 input level? Currently it’s set with the guitar volume level all the way up. Should I instead set it with the guitar set how I usually play it, and risk going too hot sometimes?

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      You would usually leave it set at 0. It's really only there to boost very low level inputs.

      It's best to turn your guitar up to the max to reduce any input noise, although you may have tone reasons to do otherwise.


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      Cheers. I keep the volume down on the guitar because the amp sounds way better turned up, and my neighbors would hate me with both turned up. Also, I use the guitar volume to control the amount of dirt on some algorithms.

      I’m not having any noise problems with the H9, I just wondered what was the right way to do things.

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