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      I see that most of the reverb algorithms are stereo. I'm running the h9 at the end of my signal chain going into the amp. Channel one is TRS and channel 2 is also clean. 

      To get the best Hall reverb:

      1-Run Mono in

      2-Use Y cable with 2 TS and 1 TRS to run from both outputs using TRS into the amp

      3-Run into both channels

      4-A mono algorithm that does Hall

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      If I understand correctly, the Sedona is not a stereo amp (2 discrete inputs>2 separate power amps>2 separate speakers). It has a dual input to combine the two signals of the Taylor Expression System acoustic pickup/mic. If you ran stereo outputs from the SPACE reverb into the amp it would combine them. Run mono into SPACE input 1, mono out of SPACE output 1 into single amp input. The SPACE Hall Reverb sounds great in mono, albeit even better in true stereo.

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