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      It's very hard to analyze these problems without being there.

      But, I am obliged to say that the only thing that has appeared to have changed is your amp – whatever was done to it is the most likely cause of your problem.

      To my knowledge, the only issue that the H9 has in effects loops is that it is intended to be run at instrument level, and thus can be overloaded in a hot loop.


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      Hello Folks,


      Longtime lurker and owner of H9; I am having an issue recently…..


      My main amplifier is a Fender EVH 5153 1×12 50W combo; love the amp.  For the past two years I have run the H9 in the effects loop with no issues at all.  Recently the amp went in for service (cleaning; couple of tubes; etc) and now when I plug in my gear the H9 is sucking everything dry….I mean just by plugging it in I get little to no volume at all out of the amp even with everything maxed.


      After doing some research it seems this is actually a common issue but the question is why did this not happen before for the past couple of years?  Why all of the sudden now?  I changed nothing else in my chain….I literally unplug three cables from the amp (effects send, effects return, and main input); unplug power; put the cover on; and take it to my guy…..when it came back just put it back in its place and reconnected.



      Would love some help……if I cannot run the H9 in the loop all of the sudden I would be really disappointed as for me at least I am not fond of how it sounds in front of the amp.



      Thank you in advance.

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