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      *** Probably a question for the Eventide staff ***



      I’m looking to hopefully build a stereo blend/dry pass-through box for each of my Eventide H9s using some kits from the Fuzzdog site (the blender kit and phase inverting buffer kits specifically)

      My idea is to use two of each kit to have a left/mono path and a right path but use dual gang potentiometers for the level & mix control and a DPDT switch for the phase reverse.That way I can have two potentiometers and one switch instead of four potentiometers and two switches but can connect my H9 (set to 100% wet) in mono or stereo and full control with the signal with minimum effort.


      My question is…. when connected in stereo are the H9 left & right outputs always in phase with each other regardless of what algorithm is used?


      In my blender/dry pass-through box idea the one phase switch would change both paths in the same direct – either 0 or 180 – but this would cause an issue it the pedal has the signals out of phase with each other in certain instances

      I’m debating whether a seperate switch for each paths phase inverting buffer circuit and shared potentiometers for level & mix controls would be better or stick to my original simple two pots one switch design?


      Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated. Thanks, Ben

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      Eventide Staff

      To answer your question – any stereo signal is in effect two different (but often similar) signals, so they are unlikely to be in phase.

      Two signals that are in phase will not give you a stereo image – both signals will be at the center of the sound stage – MONO.

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