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      I just got the H9 and am playing around with the Looper.  I am trying to figure out how to record a loop and play over it.  Everytime I record and then go into play mode – there is no volume on the play-over part unless I spin teh H9 wheel.  I have changed the setting to have mix at 50% – but there is no volume unless I change via the x control on the pedal itself.

      I am guessing this is something simple, but I have been unable to figure it out.  I have set mix volume at both 50% and 100% and no matter what mix volume I set on it, I have no volume on playing over unless I manually adjust on the pedal.




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      My guess is that you have something assigned to your expression pedal (OutSwell? Mix?).


      Can you provide a screenshot of your preset please?



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      I programmed my Behringer FCB 1010 to send a CC to control the mix.  I can record one – move to play mode, adjust the volume with midi pedal, record another, adjust the volume again – for as long as I need to.


      I need to reassign the midi map – I can only get the expression pedals to send CC in bank 0.  Still working on that one.



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