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      I was just wondering about the new looper algorithms' sound quality. Seems to degrade the sound quite a bit? I only had time to test the new algo briefly yesterday, saved the "basic looper" preset to the pedal (which should utilize the 1x playback rate and therefore have full sound quality?) and had a go, and everything came out sounding like I had sampled the sound with an old sampler ie. bandlimited (something like 22kHz sampling rate?) and aliasing.. Am I missing something?

      If I accidentally used a setting that does not utilize the full looper recording quality, please advise.

      If I didn't mess up with the settings and that is the highest quality setting, I'd be quite surprised tbh..

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      The best sound quality will be at the 2x playback rate, of course.  What is your setup?  i.e, instrument, amp or straight into a preamp or DAW, etc.  

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      Using an aux send from a mackie mixer, fully analog signal path.

      Thanks for clarifying about the 2X thing, will try it again with the 2X setting later, most likely it will solve my issues..

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