H9 loud chirp when switching from post to pre algorithms

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      I run my H9 pre/post with the four cable method. Whenever I switch from a post algorithm (like a delay or modulation effect) to a pre algorithm (like a distortion or a fuzz), there is a transitional chirp that is piercingly high pitched and loud. I’ve tried the original power cable, a new power cable, an adapter power cord from a 12-spot, switch TS cables in and out, resetting the H9 factory settings, power cycling, changing the amp, running with or without midi control… nothing seems to even affect the loudness of the chirp.
      Here’s a youtube link of me switching to one distortion and at the end another distortion algorithm. Help!


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      Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry for the late response. I am able to reproduce your issue and I have passed it along to the developers.

      What algorithms are you using in your demo video? Do you have anything else in your signal path or is it just the H9 in the amp’s FX Loop? I have noticed that the switching noise is much more noticeable when sound is being passed through the H9, perhaps there is something in your signal path that is causing extra noise and making the switching noise louder?

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