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      Sorry that you’re having trouble updatiing. If you’re connected using bluetooth, try placing the H9 as close to the iOS device as possible. If that doesn’t work, try updating using a usb cable.

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      Got a hold of a Mac air and tried (by first loading the control sw) and tried to connect via Bluetooth. All ok now and I have all the latest sw loaded.

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      Sorry. Forgot to say. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Love the space time algo btw been tinkering for ages and it’s given me loads of new ideas.

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      Hi there, I am trying to update to the latest version of software on my H9 Max.

      The box is registered to me and has been from new. I am using the latest version of the iOS app both on my iPad and iPhone 6.

      Prior to attempting the update I can confirm that my control app on both devices connects and communicates with the max. I can change presets and continue to play.

      Following the update instructions (after updating iOS control) I connect to my pedal via the iOS control app and click on “pedal” and then “stomp box software”, then H9_5.3.0[4], I then click install software at the bottom of the screen and the device reports “clearing required space in the stompboxs flash for the update.”

      The h9 power cycles and runs through some led changes before halting on “ERASE .” At this point the iOS app (same on iPhone or iPad) throws up an error.

      “Communication error! An error occurred while communicating with the h9 device . The stompboxs is not responding. Please verify that it is still connected. (Error code MessageConstants:sm_response_timeout). error code [sm_response_timeout]”

      I have tried a few times now on both devices and I have also reset the stompbox by powering up and holding down the hotknob and right foot switch.

      Any ideas? I can see that the space time algo is in the app now but the box just will not get past the initialisation of the update….

      Hope someone can help.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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