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      Hi there

      I have a couple of H9 Max pedals that I’ve been using in my live setup for seven years now.

      One of them is working fine.  The other has been doing some strange things.

      I noticed a few weeks ago that the HotSawz algorithm wasn’t responding.  I’d load the algorithm, and the input signal would light up, but no sound would come out.  Bypass the pedal? no problem, sound is there.  I opened up H9 Control and found that when I dialled in any “dry signal”, it’d come through no problem… just the algorithm itself was making no sound.

      I noticed too that the Looper algorithm was demonstrating the same issue.  “No problem,” I thought, “I don’t use either of these algorithms.”

      But today, the SpaceTime algorithm went dark as well.  Hmm.  I re-updated the Firmware.  I did a Factory Reset.  Certain algorithms just aren’t working any more.

      Any suggestions?  I have everything backed up no problem no problem.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry you are having issues. Please contact support@eventide.com so they can run through more troubleshooting steps.

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      Email sent! Thank you joecozzi

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