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      I fired up my H9 max, and while it looks completely normal while it boots up, after it’s booted none of the controls work. The wheel, the buttons, the stompswitches, none of them do anything at all. I hooked up H9 control via USB on a PC, and I can completely control the pedal that way, and it still functions 100%, but none of the physical controls on the unit work.

      I’ve tried booting it with HOTKNOB pushed, nothing. I also tried pushing a lower firmware via PC, that successfully completed but no change. It’s like all the physical buttons just died.



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      Eventide Staff

      Hi lumpylipton,  very sorry you’re having this issue. Highly likely we have to consult with our Support team on this, but there is one more thing you can try. Before you do, and since you said H9 Control works, I recommend backing up any custom presets, etc. Here’s what you can try:

      Download and install the Eventide Device Manager.

      Turn the H9 on while holding the Hotknob button on the top left. The display should read UPDATE. Connect the pedal via USB to your computer. EDM a should detect the pedal. Find the latest firmware (5.9.1) and install it.

      Conduct another factory reset by turning the pedal on while holding down both the right ftsw and the big encoder. Hopefully this solves the problem. If not, please contact support@eventide.com.




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      Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately neither of them works, I think because none of the buttons are responsive whatsoever. I’ve emailed support, thank you.


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