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      I’ve been looking at something to handle delays, chorus and guitar harmonies on my general rig and even though it has been out a while have only just foundout about the H9 🙂  I always had an interest in Eventide since hearing Ballerina 12/24 and Alien Water Kiss but never expected something semi-affordable for the hobbist.

      Having tried and replaced a few multi-fx units and still having another separate rig with a TC G-system I picked up cheap one the main things drawing me to the H9 is the iOS and Mac interface for configuration and saving settings. Most multi-fx I find just take me too long to program patches on or it is too easy to loose settings or overwrite them in error.

      The on screen interface here however looks so much simpler. 

      Looking at the pricing it seems the Max version is probabaly the way to go as I might use things like flanger or phaser occasionally as well and it looks better value than adding the algorithms laters from my calculations.

      The main issue is I would be looking at purchasing via mail order as there just isn’t anywhere close to try it out.

      I am however a little concerned what I’ve read here and there about possible clipping and use in effects loops.

      My setup now is:

      Guitar -> Wah -> OD -> Whammy -> Preamp pedal (Legacy Drive) -> DD3  -> effect loops return (Vox AD120VT).

      Based on what I would want it to do I would be ditching the DD-3 pedal and putting the H9 in its place but as it is stereo going into both Left and Right effects returns.

      This method is only using the power amp section in the Vox so I’m not sure how this relates to the effects loop issues I’ve read about. There is nothing in the amp manual about the specifications of the loop but I found a value of 0dB in a forum (if accurate…).

      Any feedback and info is greatly appreaciated.





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      Obviously I don’t use your setup.. but I can weigh in on this- 

      There are clipping issues with a few presets out of the box.

      However.. there are totally customizeable Input and output level controls.. and once I backed off a little, I had no more clipping issues. 

      Simple as that.


      You should get it, its awesome.

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