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      I have connected my H9 to two amps and have set the routing to Dry/Wet.
      So I have on one amp the dry signal and on the other one the wet signal.
      The input is mono, so only input 1 is connected.

      As I want to control the input volume by an Midi expression pedal, I assigned in the Midi settings of the H9, “Set expression pedal (aka Hotknob) max value”, the CC number of my expression pedal (Midi CC3).

      In the preset itself I have selected “EXP controls input volume”.
      Now, when I turn the expression pedal, the H9 controls the input volume, but for the wet and the dry signal at the same time!!!
      When I pull the expression pedal towards the heel, I should hear the dry signal only, but it swell down like the wet signal.

      The H9 User Guide shows, on page 17, chapter “input and output swell”:
      “Note that in Pre/Post and Wet/Dry Routing modes, Swell only affects the Wet channel.”

      So what am I doing wrong, can someone help?

      Thank you very much


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry, that may be an error in the documentation. I am experiencing the same thing you are.

      If you’d like your expression pedal to only control the Wet level, you can go to Pedal Settings > MIDI Settings > Assign MIDI CC messages to pedal functions and assign Set Parameter 1 to MIDI CC3. 

      This will make it so your expression pedal will always control the mix parameter of whatever algorithm is active. The Wet signal will be controllable via expression pedal and the dry signal will remain unchanged. Let me know if that works.

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      Hello Eventide Staff,
      thank you very much for your response.

      Controlling the Mix level does not work for me, because if I reduce the Mix level, the decaying ‘tail’ of the current effect will be mixed out as well.

      What I want to do is, to select an effect with a long decay, play a chord with input level at max, then to set the input level to zero for playing over the decaying tail of the effect, through the dry channel only.

      It is disappointing that it does not work and very strange, that it works for the output volume control. Controlling the output volume in the Wet/Dry setting, affects only the wet signal!

      In my opinion it would be more usable if it would work the opposite way. Input swell, to do what I actually wanted and output swell, to use it as a volume pedal.


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