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      Hey all,

      I recently bought an H9 Max and I love it. But I’m definitely going to be the new guy that asks questions lol…

      Anyone else ever notice that the stock “Thick” chorus sound on the H9 sounds a little artifacty? It’s using the H3000 preset on the Micro Pitch algo. I’ve noticed that you can get a similar chorusing sound out of the H910/949 algo, but it has the same issue…..*except* when I use the H949-1 type. The sound I’m hearing is like when you use the “drop tune” setting on a Digitech Whammy IV, and try to play chords…kinda like a popping/stuttering sound. It is really apparent when I turn the Pitch Mix knob all the way to the left or the right. Is this just the nature of the beast?

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