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      I’m looking to save sideways space in a rack drawer. Given that the midi ports are on the side of the H9 I’m interested to see if the cables below are being used here by anyone and what exactly happens if you use two of them. I’d still want them to point in one direction (towards the back) but maybe sittlting slightly on top of each other. I would imagine that these being able to swivvle in “8 directions” should allow for that. I need both, in and out on the H9.

      Anyone have experience with that?



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      Gee, thanks for posting this. I just spent what I thought would be all the time and (albeit minor) expense getting my pedal board all cleaned up and routed smooth by swapping out right angle ends on every cable I have (I`m running two Hughes & Kettner Grandmeisters in stereo with the H9, so there`s a few cables to deal with). The only cables bothering me are the midi cables from my controller to the H9 and then out to the amps. Maybe it`s OCD. I`m a proponent of running good cables, but $25 for an 8″ midi cable is kinda rich. And they don`t list a 25` version so I`m going to guess it falls into the “if you have to ask, it`s too expensive” category.

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