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      I'm trying to get my H9 to sync with Reason.  I've enabled the MIDI Clock output from Reason through my  Novation Remote 25SL to the MIDI input of the H9.  I've verified that the H9 properly responds to MIDI messages because I can do program changes and CC changes from Reason to the H9. However, the MIDI Clock seems to be unresponsive.  On the H9 control, which I use from my iPhone, I've selected "Enable MIDI Input Clock" to "Yes".  However, the H9 doesn't respond to changes in Tempo on Reason.  

      What am I missing?

      Thanks, Kevin

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      LA Keys

      You also have to set "General Settings" -> "Global tempo" to "NO" on the H9


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      Thanks for bringing that up.  I checked and "Global Tempo"–>"No".  So, that must not be it. 

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      OK.  I've tried this with Ableton Live and it does seem to work, though the MIDI Clock doesn't seem to be steady.  So, I must be doing something wrong in Reason.  

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