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      Hey guys, just had what seemed to me a brilliant idea for the H9 (mine anyway. Someone else may not give a crap LOL)


      It would be beyond incredible if your programming jedis could integrate a “double tap” possibility into the software. What does that mean? It means having the device able to read and react to different midi commands on different channels….at the same time. For instance, my main midi controller handles my H9 and both of my amps, channels, presets, etc, and keeps it all sync`d up. It would be SO helpful if I could have a second midi controller for just the H9, even if just a basic one for things like bypass or hot button (for instance). The second one could broadcast on a differnt channel, and we could program the H9 to react to the command on the differrent channel as it would be a different device telling it to do something different. 


      The workaround right now is setting up the same settings in multiple presets on the amp and having the H9 action I want attached to that preset, so the amp doesn`t change anything but the preset number and the H9 does something different. It`s OK, but now that I`m using the H9 for more and more differnt things it`s eating up a lot of bank real estate in my amp presets and turning a simple rig with one controller into a tap dancing lesson again. 

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