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      Hi there,


      I’m trying to use a AirTurn BT500s-4 controller to send MIDI messages to my H9.

      This controller is paired to my iPhone and my iPhone is paired to my H9.
      I have enabled the midi via Bluetooth option (and changed the H9 PIN code as mentioned), assigned a few CC messages but the H9 doesn’t follow the controller when pressed.
      The H9 though communicates with the controller from what I see in the « connect MIDI device to Eventide device » window.


      any idea of what could I do ?

      I’m an absolute beginner in MIDI so do not hesitate to post beginner solutions 😉


      many thanks for your help !

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      I’m interested too.


      Is there any option to control the h9 app with a bluetooth pedal that in turn controls the h9?


      Thank you


      Yo también estoy interesado.

      Existe alguna opción de controlar la app del h9 con un pedal bluetooth que a su vez controle el h9?


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