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      Apologies for the potentially stupid question, but i’m new to midi, and would really appreciate anyone who could clarfiy something for me

      I have a Marshall JVM410H –  and am thinking of buying an H9 as they look great!

      My question is, will I be able to control patch changes on the H9 using the Marshalls footswitch in any way –  or if not, is there a 3rd party footswtich which would allow me to do this?

      Effectively im just looking to be able to tap my foot once when on stage, to be able to change the amps channel, and an H9 preset at the same time

      Really appreciate the help – thanks so much!


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      Eventide Staff

      I think you should probably be asking your question to Mr. Marshall, but …

      The H9 expects a MIDI Program Change message to change presets (patches ?). Many pedals will send this.

      I don't know what is required to change your amp's channel – my guess is that this will be a MIDI CC (Continuous Controller). If this is the case, you will need one of the more sophisticated controllers to send this at the same time as the Program Change above. These are beyond the remit of this Forum.

      Hopefully some of our users have faced this situation and can give advice.



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