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      Can someone confirm and outline how to toggle on the H9 tuneria midi? I never could make it work with a Disasterarea controller before, and I can’t seem to make it work with Sourceaudio Soleman that I just got. I assumed that there was something wrong with Disasterarea before because just every now and then the H9 screen would flash “tuner” but it would never stay. Now I have the same problem with Soleman. I k ow midi connection and cable all work as I can program Soleman to change the presets just fine.

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      I can totally do it with my setup.


      Its just a matter of sending the right message, and setting up the H9 to recieve it. 


      That said- there are a lot of variables. How much control do you have with the solemans output?

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      Thanks camn for the reply.


      I did finally manage to make it work, and realized the problem was that I was trying to toggle the tuner by sending CC from H9 Control App -> Pedal -> MIDI Settings -> Assign MIDI CC messages to pedal functions -> Toggle Tuner = MIDI CC 51. But I never could make this work.

      Then by chance I happen to look in H9 Control App -> Pedal -> MIDI Settings -> Program Change receive map, where I thought it was PC messages for switching algorhythms, and scrolling down beyond 99 shows empty, and didn’t bother scrolling down further. But when I scrolled down further (talk about hard and unintuitive to find!) I saw that PC#123 = Toggle tuner on and off. I then configured Soleman to send out the PC# and it started to work as expected.

      My question is now:

      1. what is the function of CC toggle tuner, and why does it not work?

      2. is there a way to assign custom functions to any of the empty PC #s from 99-127?



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      I can toggle the tuner using EITHER PC or CC. I imagine the purpose for both is just in case someone only could send CC.

      And as far as I have found, you can only use PC for the choices in the dropdown. 

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      I know I’m late to this thread, but the Soleman has tons of midi capability, and a good computer app to set it up.

      But for me it has too few switches, and they’re too close together. I found I was frequently hitting 2 switches which changes pages, not an optimal setup for easy use while playing.

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