H9 MIDI Learn with DMC 7D–notes, or only CCs?

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      I’m trying to get the H9 to MIDI learn with the Disaster Area DMC 7D (same as 6D but with extra buttons).  MIDI pedal is set to send note values.  I’ve got H9 set to receive omni.  DMC pedal out DIN to H9 MIDI in DIN.  I’m in global mode on the H9.  Go to [rcv.ctl], select [TUN], tap the right button for learn, send a note from the Disaster pedal, and nothing happens.  Exit learn, and it hasn’t learned.

      What am I doing wrong here?  Page 35-7 of the manual doesn’t explain how to know if the pedal has learned, or whether it simply doesn’t receive MIDI notes, only CCs.


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      I'm not sure what you would expect MIDI note messages to do.

      As far as I know, the pedals only act on MIDI CC and Program Change.


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      That was my problem with those Disaster Area products and just got rid of a DMC6D after founding that the firmware is coded to send notes to control Strymon pedals and not regular CCs. Eventide Stompboxes will only learn CC notes as far as I know.


      You might want to ask the guy behind DA that makes a custom firmware for you so your DMC can send CCs. Or just get a programmable MIDI controller.

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      I’ve got the 6D and emailed the DA guys for help with my two H9s. They were very responsive. You might also try programming from H9 Control to see if that works better for you.

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