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      I was wondering if there is a way to make the midi ports the midi source/destination when USB is connected. The manual seems to say that it isn't possible. My use case is that I use the Mac OS app via USB to edit algos but am trying to use an external clock to drive the H9's clock (i'm also playing with having an external device drive the H9's clock) via the MIDI ports. Any ideas?


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      Eventide Staff

      You may be unlucky. If the USB is connected, the Din5 MIDI is disabled. This is necessary because of hardware restrictions.


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      AH… so this explains why the tempo sync isnt locking in. I was going nuts trying to figure this out… 

      Using the H9 control on the computer is something I do while running a drum machine through the unit… just because the ipad or iphone isnt near where Im doing other stuff… but at this point its almost pointless using the editor…. because 99% of what Im doing always involves the clock to be synced.   

      If my main hardware sequencer which is supplying the clock tempo to the unit… is also sending that clock to the computer… is there a way to choose a MIDI in port in the software on a Mac?

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      No, there's currently no functionality in H9 Control for receiving MIDI clock from a MIDI in port and forwarding that information on to the H9.  We'll give the problem some thought though.

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      I do use it in te same way because of some trouble with Bluetooth connection from Laptop. It would be nice if it is possible to send clock via midi and to use h9 control via usb on the same time.

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