H9 midi preset change programming on GIGRIG G2. HEEELP !

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      I have 2 H9s running through a GIGRIG G2 but can’t seem to fgure out how get the G2 to access the right presets on the H9s.

      The H9 #2 (Post-effects) is on MIDi channel 3, output is MIDI Through, and the H9 #1 (Pre-effects) is on MIDI Channel 2.

      The G2 preset buttons and banks are programmed to activate the pedals on these MIDI channels, and in fact they do, however I can’t get them to change to the right preset numbers on the H9s.

      I´m all but clueless about MIDI, and I´m obviously missing something here, but after reading the manuals of both devices and experimenting everything I can think of, I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong !

      So… here is my desperate cry for HEEEELP !






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      Welcome to the MIDI world. It is not hard.. you can do it.

      I am sure we can help………  but first, some questions:

      !) DO you have a midi interface for you computer? e.g Can you hook your G2’s MIDI output to your computer and monitor what messages it is sending ( i rec MIDIOX on PC)?

      –if not THINK ABOUT THIS.. it will really help troubleshooting MIDI

      2) Do you know what PC and CC are?

      — if not.. READ THIS.. it is not long, or complicated.


      OK. Hopefully the answer to both of thos are YES. But even if they arent….. can you VERY specifically describe the fault? A video might be the easiest way.

      OR.. if you can express what signals the G2 is sending, and you have standard H9 settings.. it may be that we can work it out.

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