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      I have the following TRS / MIDI chain set up on my board:

      -> Boss EV30 expression pedal

      -> Barn3 OX9

      -> Eventide H9

      -> Nemesis Delay

      -> Meris MIDI I/O

      -> Meris Ottobit Jr

      Screen Shot 2023-01-06 at 15.40.36 pm

      The goal is to both:

      1. MIDI clock sync the H9, Nemesis, and Ottobit Jr
      2. Use my expression pedal to control the H9 and Meris Ottobit Jr

      I have been able to successfully clock sync the pedals, indicating that the hardware at least works. I’m also able to control the H9 with the expression pedal, even through the Barn3.

      My understanding is that I should be able to use the H9 to generate CC messages based on the expression pedal movement, however I have not been able to do this successfully. In the H9’s global settings, I have:

      • Set the H9 to MIDI Transmit mode
      • Set XMT CH to match the channel of the Meris Ottobit Jr
      • Set XMT CC for PDL to the appropriate channel to control the Ottobit’s expression pedal setting
      • I thought the Barn3 might be the issue, so I also tried changing the settings for the XMT CC for RNG, TIP, and T+R though this was to no avail

      I feel this ought to work, but it doesn’t. I also tried with the Nemesis Delay, setting the channels as required, and it didn’t work. Based on this, it seems to me like there’s no CC transmission from the H9?

      Btw – in an ideal world, I’d just have the second output from the Boss going straight into the Ottobit, but the Ottobit can only take one of the MIDI / TRS inputs at a time, so I would have to sacrifice the tempo clocking.

      Any ideas what could be going wrong here? What settings do I need to consider on the H9 to make this work?

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      Eventide Staff

      When you select PDL on the H9, you are selecting the control source (the expression pedal). You then need to select the destination (a MIDI CC#).

      The CC# that the H9 transmits needs to control the parameter on the receiving device, it’s not clear if you have configured the correct CC# to control the parameters of the Nemesis or Ottobit. It looks like CC #4 is the expression pedal value for the Ottobit.

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        Yeah I set the CC# as well – I tried 4 for the expression pedal value, but also tried different values for the different ottobit settings and nothing else worked. Can you think of anything else? Or is there any other way to troubleshoot whether or not the H9 is transmitting messages at all?

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        Eventide Staff

        The best way to troubleshoot if the H9 is working properly would be sending the MIDI output to your computer and using a MIDI monitoring software.

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      I’ve resolved this – the answer to the question “what settings to I need to consider on the H9” includes [CTL.XMT] – MIDI Continuous Controller Transmit Enable, which should, unsurprisingly, be turned on…

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