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      Hi! I want to control my amp (Marshall JVM JS) in a way: Midi controller – H9 – amp. But, there is problem somewhere in comunication. Midi to amp works fine but when is H9 in chain nothing. H9 is in MIDI trough mode. Any solution? Thanks!

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      Eventide Staff

      MIDI THRU has been improved in the latest software. But, the problem before was that it worked most of the time but dropped out during program loads.

      Whereas, you are saying it does not work at all, which is different.

      Some MIDI equipment requires power from a MIDI output, which is not supported on H9 before serial number 16329 – I'm not sure if this is the case here (can't tell from Marshall manual).

      Have you used the H9 MIDI out with anything else ? There may be a hardware problem (unlikely, but possible).

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      All working fine. Problem was in USB. I found solution in manual. “When USB is connected midi and midi thru not working at all. Thanks!  

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