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      Don Grosh

      I've been using the H9 for the last two weeks, very cool pedal!! My only complaint is I wish it would have the option on the mix knob to be pre effect instead of post effect. This way when using an expression pedal the delays and reverbs trails would not be cut off when backing off the mix.

      Any chance of this happening in the near future??


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Don,

      Does setting the bypass mode to DSP+FX bypass work for you?  With DSP+FX when you bypass the effect (via the footswitch, H9 Control, MIDI, etc), the trails (reverb, delay,etc) play out.   

      Also, I know for sure that DualVerb has a post mixer b/t the verbs, so you set one verb to dry and use the FXMIX parameter as a MIX knob b/t your dry and wet signal.  Other effects may have a similar functionality built in, but I don't recall off the top of my head.  

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      Don Grosh

      Hi Russell,

      Thanks for your reply!

      What I'm referring to is the mix knob on the delays and reverbs, the bypass switch works great.

      When using an expression pedal to bring in the mix from dry to wet, the mix is post effects so the 

      trails get cut off. If the mix was at the input the trails would fade out naturally. This how I set up

      my Fractal Axe Fx and it works great, especially in a live setting where you want to go from a

      completely dry sound and morph in to a wet sound. 

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