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      Hi. For a long time now I’ve had iandom ssues with paramter values going funny when changing presets but haven’t worried too much because I don’t usually change presets. I’ve finally managed to relaibly repreoduce this issue. Here goes:

      – I have two presets, one the spring ‘verb and the other the tape delay.

      – I’m controlling the expression with a midi cc. This is being controlled by an expression pedal on a midi controller.

      – On the ‘verb preset, the expression controls the mic parameter. On the delay, It controls a number of parameters, but NOT the mix.

      – If I’m on the ‘verb preset, adjust the mix with the pedal, the change the load the delay preset, the mix on the delay preset has the value that was just applied to the ‘verb. The mix on the delay should be set to what it was saved as.

      I beleive this issue is more general than just the mix parameter, I once had the gain on the eq being set to maximum when I recalled the preset, which meant not using the H9 on that tour 🙁

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      If I had to guess.. I’d say your MIDI controller is somehow spilling over some data.

      What midi controller are you using? And how are you changing presets, precisely? CC or PC?

      And do you have access to a MIDI in on your computer to look at the output from your controller?

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