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      Hi all,

      Recently purchased an H9.  I run it, followed by a Strymon Blue Sky in my effects loop.  I've noticed a significant "pop" type noise (for lack of a better way of describing it) when engaging the bypass to active and vise versa.  Is this normal?  Thoughts?  

      I'd like to give a shout out to Jerome in customer support.  I had an issue with an app purchase and the customer support I received was excellent.



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      Eventide Staff

      If you are using relay bypass, and something before or after the H9 is leaking DC current, it might click as the relay interrupts the current.. The solution would be to either locate the DC source, or use DSP bypass which has a crossfade.


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      Cool, thanks.  I will try the cross fading bypass for now.  With regards to the D. Possibility, could it be the H9 itself?  The only other pedal in the chain as previously mentioned is the Blue Sky.  I ask this as I have had to hardwire the power adapter to my board for the H9 because of it's 'not standard' size.  

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