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      I have a line6 Helix, looping in stereo to my H9. For some reason when i turn the effect on there is no sound unless i unplug it and plug it back. Then there’s sound coming back to Helix loop Until i switch patches. I am connected by midi also so the Helix can control my tap tempo. I noticed that when i look at input/output levels on the H9, that there is hardly any output. Until i unplug it and plug it back..then i play and the output from H9 shows signal leaving. There was an update on the Helix, but i can’t see if that’s the issue since im still sending signal to the loop. Any help is appreciated…thank yall

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      There are a bunch of trpubleshooting steps if you wanna be systematic….. But i the interest of a fast solition- lemme ask this: when you say ‘switch patches’ are you switching using the Helix, or via the H9?

      And how good are you with MIDI?

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