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      Are there any settings in the H9 to achive the oil can delay like the old Tel-Rays?

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      The vintage delay should get you close for this but let me look in to it some more for you!

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      The closest we've been able to get is if you use the Tape Echo algorithym and turn the wow and flutter way up. You've definitely gotten us curious though!

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      The Tape and Vintage settings don’t quite get there.  The oil can delay is pretty wild sounding and very quirky, they’re very cool because the sound is very much like it’s being dripped in oil. I had the chance to try one recently and really dig the sound, but really would like this in a pedal form.  


      It looks like there is a Nomad Factory computer plug-in (which I have not tried) and there is one boutique pedal maker that produces one (which looks very nice but I also have not tried) and that seems about it.  Would be very cool to have this in the H9.  Glad you guys are interested.  If no settings are possible with existing algos, maybe we could get a new algorithm?

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      You’ve piqued my interest.  The Mod Delay algorithm could be useful here.  The antiphase / out of phase MOD SHAPEs almost disguise the periodic waveforms.  The lowpass filter can darken up the repeats.  I don’t know how accurate this is, but I set the maximum delay time to 400 ms. (image below), and swept both delay times to a 40 ms. minimum with the expression pedal.  For a little bit of analog-like pitch-shifting on a the delay sweep.


      But what I really think you need here is irregular pitch modulation.  I think that random speed & depth modulations would go a long way towards authenticity.  And you can adjust how subtle – or extreme – those modulations will be.  I uploaded an exaggerated example below, using the Vibrato algorithm.  Adjust any upsteam delay unit to taste, then follow up the wet signal with sloshing oil.  I programmed the expression pedal to reduce the Intensity to 25.


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      I think that to get an autherntic sound for an oil can delay, you need to nail the reverb sound thats mixed with the delay line. Im pretty sure that most OC echos were a two head ordeal. SO settings as follows could nail the Tel Ray Super Organ Tone or the Fender Echo Reverb. Enjoy!


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