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      Hello!! First day with my new H9 (standard version).

      Put the pedal on the effects loop of my Marshall JVM combo. I adjust de loop level to -10dBv and some presets work fine but other ones sound a little "hissss" when start to play.

      I don´t change Inputs and outputs leves on H9 at the moment. Some expecific settings for in/out levels on H9 to solve this problem. The loop start on H9 to a Deigitech Supernatural reverb to amp return.  Im from Spain, my english is poor, excuse me!! 😉

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      Eventide Staff

      Can you give some examples of the presets that do this, and some that don't?  The issue could be different depending on the types of preset that are causing the problem.

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      I have to try more time but in first try reverbs for example sounds good, pitch shift presets sounds good. Some delays and choruses for example sounds with buzzzz…. ¿? I have a Time Factor in fron of the amp and sometimes  in effects loop withouth problems…

      The next days i tell you some presets that sounds "no good" ok? 

      Thanks so much for the answer!!

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      Is the first day with the H9, I have to spend more time trying… Reverbs sound good, pith shift effets too. Some delays and choruses sound with a little buzzzz hwen start to play. I have a Time Factor in fron of the ampm and sometimes ago in amp´s loop wothout problems. Take some days and i tell you some examples of this issue ok?

      Thank soooooo much for the answer!! Regards from Spain!! 😉

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