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      Hi, does anyone else notices a drop of high harmonics when the h9 is engaged? I mean when you activate the fx and you turn the mix all way down.(pitchflex, trasparent eq compressor, every delay with mix set to 0)

      Is it normal because of the da/ad conversion or there's a way to set I/O that eliminates this issue..? 
      PS: my h9 sits in a series fx loop. It's really weird that I've never notice this issue with the TimeFactor!

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      have you set the input right?

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      The only regulations  I find on H9 editor are is the input gain, input source and output gain for each effect. 
      Input source is set on Guitar of course. I tried to change those other parameters but doesn't do too much a difference for this issue. 
      In bypass H9 is really transparent, when effect on and fx mix set  to 0 it alters the tone quite a bit.
      I'm missing something? 

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      So, anyone experienced this problem?

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