H9 out-of-phase issue in serial loop Boogie Mark IV

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      I ran into an odd issue in which if I turn on the effects loop of my Boogie Mark IV via a remote midi switcher the H9 seems to go out of phase when engaged (not when it is in hardware bypass mode). It goes away when I turn the effects loop on manually on the amp. So it may sound like an issue with the amp at first – however other effects pedals don’t show this behavior.

      The H9 is set to “normal” routing. Is that ok for use in a serial loop? Or what may I be missing? All levels seem to be ok.Thx

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      Eventide Staff

      The fact that this issue is affected by how you turn on the loop suggests that it is an issue with the amp.

      Note that pretty much all digital units may have have phase issues if mixed with a dry signal – this is because conversion and minimum processing will cause a delay of a few thousandths of a second, which can be noticeable. Analog pedals will not do this.


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      Leon Todd

      Have you turned “Killdry” on? Essential if you’re using the H9 in a parrallel fx loop (I’m doing this with my Dual Rec).

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