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      Hey everyone, just got my H9 and trying to get it setup. The first thing I noticed is the output level does not appear to be controllable like the rest of the preset parameters via the expression pedal. If this is really the case this is a pretty big over sight that should be corrected. The ability to ramp up the volume of an effect seems like it should be a given!

      anyway, is there a way to control the output level with midi via an expression pedal within the same preset?

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      Eventide Staff

      There is no easy way.

      We figured that people would use a volume pedal for this, but we may be wrong. It is on the feature request list.

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      Thank you for considering this. The volume pedal is not as elegant a solution because if the output was integrated, I could simultaneously add delay and volume by rolling on the expression pedal. This would be so much easier to add quick lead fills. Currently I have to stomp a different patch, then stomp out after the fill. Takes too much attention away from my fingers. 

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      I hope you guys add it soon.

      I really want to just use it as a volume boost since I use the H9 in the FX loop of my amp.

      Setting up a MIDI CC to toggle between 0 and +6 would make this pedal perfect for my amps that don't have a boost feature.

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      Is this issue in progress or fixed? 

      For me this is the dealbreaker for making h9 as my gigging pedal. 

      I use mostly echoes/delay with expression pedal. 

      When I need a bit or a bit more wet, more delays, the whole sound gets low and 

      totally loose its place in the band. It ends up quite useless then:( 

      This problem is quite extreme with the tape echo, when i go from 20% to say 50% wet,

      the main output/loudness/prescence is getting very much weaker.

      (Even when the tone on the echo is kept bright) 

      So,- please make the output volume a part of the parameters which can be 

      adjusted with the expression pedal. Or at least make the tape echo's Echo Volume be accesible in the same manner. 

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      OR: make it possible to gain up the effect level! 

      That will solve my main problem! 

      Again: i want to gradually crank up the wet vs dry but still have the total resulting sound loud in the mix! 

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      A such gain for the effect volume does not have to be adjusted with expression pedal. 

      At least it is not a must. 

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      Just purchased a H9. Definitely I need to control the output level with my expression pedal.

      I’ve just made a preset in witch in heel position of my ex pedal the effect level is set to zero, and in toe position I’ve a huge rotary going on. But i rise my guitar level a lot, I’d need to set it to -2db, but only in toe position.

      This function is in the wishlist form lot of time… have you planned to implement it soon on H9s or is not tecnically possible?




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      Ditto on this feature request, when reverb mix gets to a certain point, the overall volume decreases slightly and I need to boost it so I end up having to have multiple presets instead which isn’t ideal nor does it allow me to do what I want to do expression wise.



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      I control my H9 from a Boss ES-5. I also need to be able to change the output level of a preset via the cc.

      I use cc#33. It seems to work.


      But when I import the preset from the H9 to the iPad. The output level is always at 0.

      Is it a bug in the application?


      I also notice that the output level range is from -30db to +20db.

      The cc range values is from 0 to 127.

      Do I really need to do some arithmetic to calcule the values?


      The cc value for +3 db = (3 + 30) * (128 / 51) = 82.82 = 83

      The cc value for +4 db = (4 + 30) * (128 / 51) = 85.33 = 85

      The cc value for +5 db = (5 + 30) * (128 / 51) = 87.84 = 88




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      It has been 7-years and apparently this has not been addressed? I have a song where I am using the PitchFuzz algo. I have a 460mS delay that is prominent, I need to be able to use this delay both with and without the fuzz. Setting the FUZZ parameter to go from 0 (toe up) to 39 (toe down) gives me way too much volume when the fuzz is dialed up. I’d like to be able to push the OUT LEVEL down a a bit as the toe moves downward. Is there any chance this feature can be added? If the blue line that is seen on the other parameters could be added alongside the OUT LEVEL Fader, so that the start and stop end points as well as polarity swap can be programmed, that would be awesome.


      Many thanks,


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      Oof was wondering why I was having trouble mapping output parameter change to expression pedal…quite the oversight gentlemen

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