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      Am I the only one that finds the H9 a little overwhelming at first?

      To my ears the presets that come on it sound really good when I am practicing at home but as soon as I get in the band mode they tend to be a little too much.

      I am a tech guy BUT not when it comes to gear, I have a Benson Monarch it has two knobs I find myself enamoured with the thought of everything the H9 can do but then I don’t really have a lot of time to actually sit down at the computer/ipad and work on presets.

      Has anyone else found this to be the case?  If so what did you do?

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      Delete all the presets… and then just pick a few you like. Put them on your H9, and work with those. Get to know the X/Y/Z buttons. Treat it like it is JUST a Flanger. Or a rotary sim.. or whatever you pick.

      THEN..When you NEED a new sound.. find it. Add it on.

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      Yup. First idea, learn the iPad control and get a mount for it so you can reach for it in playing positio, whatever that is to you. . Tweeking the unit for its blend in the signal chain is fast. That’s important for your band mates sanity. I find myself tweeking even during sound check, now a few years later. 10 seconds or less. Second idea. Give it time. I’m not technical and in about 6 months I had twenty or so go to presets READY for each H9. Third idea. Consider a controller like a VooDoo labs ground control to pre program single stomp selection. Mines setup in song order, and I also have it set for quick go to access in the studio. Finally, your going to have a ball on your learning journey ahead if you set your mind up for it.

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      OK these are great ideas guys!

      I have the big sky, timeline and then H9 all set to be controlled with a DMC 3XL and I songs pre-set and stored on the dmc

      I think part of the problem I have is the sheer volume of “stuff” the H9 can do, it’s so much.


      I think I will focus on mostly modulation for the H9 for now, I have a nice sort of rotary speaker preset I found and a evh type flanger 

      I need a good tremolo, the one I am using is based on the secret agent or it may be just the secret agent… but it dies too fast I need the sound to last longer. 

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