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      Hi Everyone

      This is a strange one… I hope I can explain it correctly…

      As per previous posts I have setup my switcher to toggle on or off the performance switch using MIDI e.g. CH.2, CC#1, 127=ON / 0=OFF.

      However, sometimes triggering the performance switch will flip-flop. So I would try to turn it on.. and.. nothing. But then I turn it back off using the midi controller and it turns on.

      I’ve tried a couple of different midi controllers to see whether the fault was the controller. But same result.

      To reproduce…

      (1) Use controller to open a patch e.g. Space -> ModEchoReverb with the performance switch mapped to the hold function.

      (2) Turn the hold function ON (performance switch via midi).

      (3) Change patches.

      (4) Go back to the patch in step (1).

      (5) Repeat step (2). 

      After the last step you’ll notice the performance switch wont trigger. But if you attempt to trigger it a second time it will turn ON. Hence why I use the term flip-flop as what should be turning this function OFF, turns it ON instead.

      So my question is: why?

      Thank you, appreciate any advice you can offer.

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      Your midi is setup incorrectly.

      To properly use the performance switch via MIDI across all algos, your midi button should be sending 127 when pressed.. And 0 when released. Not 127 when pressed once, and 0 when pressed again.
      Youight be able to get partial function just by sending 127 every time.

      I detailed it more clearly here:

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      let us know how it works out!

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