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      I have been trying the H9 with my mixing link to hear the effects on vocals.

      Im noticing a kind of phase issue with the H9.

      It sounds like the voice goes from the middle of the mix (no H9) to more off to the sides and almost like there is a strange /light phaser on the voice when H9 is engaged. Im getting this change even when the preset is deactivated.

      Every time I listen through the H9 I get this and with the mixing link I can check with other pedals and bypassed (no issue).

      Software and firmware is updated.

      I might have been hearing that when my guitar was running through it also. I was always trying to work in the presets to try to get something more “dry”. LIke a El Capistan or other delay. Just sort of the delay but no other coloring. Maybe I was hearing that slight phase….

      Any ideas?





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      Eventide Staff

      What you're hearing is the slight delay of the DSP's in the H9, caused by mixing together the dry signal through the MixingLink and the dry signal from the H9.

      There  are two ways to deal with this, essentially making either the H9 or the MixingLink your master mixer.

      1) Set the MixingLink's "Mix" switch to FX Only.  This will make the MixingLink's mix knob a just a level controller for the effects return. In this case, you would use your H9 for Dry/Wet mix.

      2) Enable KILLDRY on your H9 (or set the mix to wet), and your MixingLink Mix switch to either Dry+FX or MIX (depending on what you prefer).  In this case, only the wet signal will come back from the H9, and the Mix knob on the MixingLink will be your Dry/Wet mix.

      In either case, you might want to look into experimenting with the H9's three bypass modes as well.  Note the user manual at https://www.eventideaudio.com/products/stompboxes/multi-effect-processor/h9#block-views-downloads-block-1


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      Thank you for this very comprehensive reply. I’ll give it a try.

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