H9 PitchFactor Diatonic HotKnob Parameter Won’t Delete!

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      r sales

      New to H9.

      Trying to use expression pedal to control 'Key'.  Have that working, but can't delete the Feedback B parameter from the HotKnob.  Have set FeedbackB MaxVal and MinVal to 0, but doesn't seem to change.  When I throttle the expression pedal (Mission Electronics 25K), Feedback keeps rotating!

      Not sure I really want this change permanently, but want to be able to completely control the H9.  It just ain't working

      Love the pedal.  The UI (IPad) leaves a bit to be desired.  I reckon that's to be expected with so much horsepower in such a tiny box.  




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      How are you trying to remove the mapping?  On the H9 itself or in H9 Control?  In H9 Control you can also double click on a parameter and if it's mapped to the expression pedal, there will be an option "Remove from expression pedal mapping".  After you do this make sure you save your saved preset to the H9 if you want to overwrite a preset on the H9 itself.

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