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      Hi H9 Geeks

      just aquired a H9 and is working fine with a US Power Supply (i'm in Australia).  I was hoping to use the H9 with my current power supply or run it off my boss tuner but i'm finding the 'normal' 9V power jacks dont fit the large pin on the H9 unit.  

      Has anyone else come across this when trying to run their H9 with a third party power unit?



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      The H9 takes more power than many stompboxes and will not work with every third party power supply. For that reason we developed the PowerFactor with enough power to run an entire pedalboard, including up to five Eventide stompboxes. 

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      Thanks for that. But what about he jack/pin issue.  I notice the normal 9v jack doesn't fit the h9 pin?  Eg the pin in the h9 is bigger than say a pin in a boss pedal

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      That is correct. The pin is a different size. For the H9 you need a

      50cm (19”) w/5.5/2.5mm center positive DC-plug.

      The PowerFactor2 comes with four cables of this kind.

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      Eventide Staff

      In addition to what Alan has said, even if you managed to jam the Boss supply jack into an H9, it still would not work.  The Boss, and many other 9V supplies are center-pin negative, whereas the H9 requires center-pin positive.  Trying to run off of an inverted poser supply will not function, and risks damaging your stompbox.

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      I find this extremely annoying! I have a Gator power supply which has powered every pedal I have owned so far, of all different brands. It has never let me down. Why can't the H9 be accomodating to this? Not sure if the Gator is negative or positive tip though.. Now I have to run seperate power to the H9

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      Voodoo :Labs makes adaptor cables for this purpose: http://www.voodoolab.com/shop/index.php?cPath=22_24_30&osCsid=echs53n9sqd8ijamgavatrusm0

      They have an 18″ cable with straight barrel plugs, and one with right angle plugs.

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