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      I am running two Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus' and I only have 3 power spots left. The 5/6 slots are being used for my Timefactor. What is the minimum power requirement for the H9?

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      I'm interested in knowing the mA and power (hopefully -9v) for the H9.  I use a CIOKS DC-10. Thanks.

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      I believe it's same as factor pedals

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      Eventide Staff

      Will accept range from +9V to +12VDC @4.5 W. 

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      I just did a watt to mA convesion and it came back with 4500 mA – I think the highest my pedal supply goes  (Cioks DC-10) is 400 mA – how does this work with power supplies or will I have to use an AC adapter?

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      Got this from Poul at Cioks:

      "You should power the H9 with 12V DC and use the green Flex cable. 4.5W corresponds to 375mA @ 12V DC. This means you should use the 12V outlet of a 400ma section and leave the associated 9V outlet not used (one to the left from the one used for the H9)."

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      does this mean that 300mA output on my Cioks DC8 was enough for Factor pedal, but it's not sufficient for H9 and I'll need to combine 100+300mA outputs @12V to power H9? or can I safely power H9 with 300mA output of DC8 as I powered Factor pedal?

Viewing 6 reply threads
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