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      I've had problems powering up my H9 at outdoor gigs using the factory wallwart. It never seems to be an issue inside. I have a Rifftone Performer Power Block which powers all my other pedals. It is center negative and does not have a 500 mA out.

      From searching the forums I've learned some of the stompboxes will operate at 12V with lower amp ratings. The Rifftone has a 12V 250 mA out. If I used a polarity adapter will this be adequate to power the unit? Am I in any danger of damaging it if I try it?  

      The Rifftone also has two 9V 250 mA outs. If I bridge these using a VooDoo Labs current doubler (Y connector) and reverse the polarity, will that work?  I don't know much about electronics. My concern is if using a Y will double the voltage as well as the amperage and damage the unit.

      Any illumination on the topic is appreciated.


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      The H9 will run at 12V but needs 400mA, 250mA won't be enough. Using a current doubler should do the job. If it's doubling the current, the voltage won't be affected.

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      Awesome. Thanks for the input. It sure beats having to but a power conditioner and an extra rack.

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      voodoo lab iso-5 has 400mA. 

      What i must to use? 9v or 12v?

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