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      Is the H9 compatible with the power factor ?

      The H9 power specifications states that it needs 9V @ 500ma

      The power factor supplies 12V @ 400 ma

      I've tested it for a minute and it seems to work, but Im worried that this could damage my H9?

      Also on H9 faq pages, it recommends the use of the power factor. But 9V vs 12V seems wrong ?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi joseines, 

      The H9, like the factors, uses regulated power, so it actually needs a good clean source of power within a certain Wattage (volts*amps) range, with reasonable Volts and amps of course.  What you don't want to use is any unregulated power source.  But to ease your worries, the PowerFactor fits these specifications like a glove! 

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