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      Hi, I’ll try my best to describe the problem I’m having but I’m having a tough time getting my head around it myself. My core question is: do you need to run a signal through input 1/output 1 in order to use a preset with post routing (i.e., signal is processed through input 2/output 2)?

      I use a GCX switcher, which has loops you can patch into and then turn on/off as you need. I have two H9s set for pre/post routing and presets configured to go through the inputs/outputs I want. Here’s an example and the problem I’m having (using one H9 for simplicity, though both exhibit this same behavior). 

      1. Loop 1 goes to H9 input 1/output 1
      2. Loop 2 goes to H9 input 2/output 2
      3. Loop 1 is in front of amp
      4. Loop 2 is in fx loop

      When I use a crushstation algorithm, I have it set to ‘pre’ routing. Loop 1 is on and Loop 2 is off. Therefore, a signal goes to input 1/output 1, but no signal gets sent to input 2/output 2 on the H9. The H9 shows a normal input level in this case without increasing the input gain.

      When I use a delay or reverb algorithm, I have it set to ‘post’ routing. Loop 1 is off and Loop 2 is on. So, no signal is even sent to input 1/output 1. It is completely taken out of the signal chain.The problem is that the input level on the H9 shows no signal and the H9 itself does not light up with the little green light that says it is getting a signal. I can crank the input level in H9 control as high as it can go, but it doesn’t do anything. 

      With that said, I’m still getting sound and can hear that my signal is being processed by the algorithm. But something doesn’t seem right and I wonder if my signal to noise ratio is affected greatly by this.

      Any help would be much appreciated, even if just to understand the internals of how the signal flows through the H9 in pre/post routing mode. Would the H9 function normally if you used pre/post routing mode without plugging anything at all into input 1/output 1, only used input 2/output 2 and engaged a preset that is set to post routing?

      Thanks all!

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      Eventide Staff

      If you are in Pre/Post mode, set to Post, channel 1 does not need to be connected. If it is, it will be passed through unchanged (dry).

      Not sure why you get the signal light behavior you describe.



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      Thanks for the quick reply. That’s what I thought would be the answer. But now I’m stumped as to why I’m getting no signal registering on the H9 or in H9 Control. From the H9 Quick Reference Guide:
      Signal Present LED
      Green LED shows signal present of at least -40dB.
      I thought maybe the fx loop of my amp is faulty (Orange OR 15) but I tried it with my JVM 410 and the same problem (and happens with both H9s).
      Is there a possible bug with signal level detection when using pre/post routing?

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