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      recently I started to using theH9 in pre/pos routing to add the super great PichFuzz algo. to use.

      Now unfortuately the following problem occurs.

      If I switch from a post-preset (hall, delay….) to pre-preset (fuzz, crush….) I have a short loud chirping noise out of the speaker.

      Is there any way to prevent that?

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      I have the same, I think. 

      To the extent that I rarely go pre-post or post-pre in the same song if I can help it.


      I imagine it is unavoidable, with the actual physical jack-switching.

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      Eventide Staff

      Switching any audio signal will have an effect. On the pre/post there are crossfades on the switching, which helps, but you may still get a bump on the sound.

      In general, you should try to never change routing or load presets with signal passing through a system. Any system.

      That said, the "chirp" he describes suggests there may be some kind of feedback present, which is easy to get with a pre/post system. I would suggest experimenting with the wiring and the grounding – this may be a factor.


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      Solution: I use Boss ES5 before the amp: H9_PRE is in the loop 5 of Boss, H9_POST is in the amp’s effects loop.

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