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      I have downloaded 5 or 6 different presets from the preset sharing community and loaded them onto my ipad.  Whenver i attempt to import they all error No data imported, No presets or preset lists were found to import”.

      Happens on all presets that i download.  I can import one that i have exported myself.

      Did something change with the firmware?  Or can these presets be “fixed”


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      Hello @anthonylbest
      Looks like the H9 isn’t going to get the love now that the H90 is the new kid on the block..😉

      Anyway, if you could direct me to the presets you’re talking about I will try to as quickly as possible see what happens when I try it with my H9Max. I’ve been meaning to try and import and basically use the control app since I haven’t really had a reason lately because I have things pretty much set the way I like it for the way I use the H9 these days. I’ll try and get to it tomorrow and get back ASAP. They could just be corrupted presets or made and not compatible from a long time ago.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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