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      I have my H9 hooked up to my Modfactor via midi, with a 3 button aux switch plugged into the modfactor, then sending midi CC messages to the H9 to control preset down, performance switch, and tap tempo. I have done it this way as it allows me to then plug an expression pedal into the H9, while still having access to the extra aux switch functions. The problem is that the H9 responds differently to preset up/down requests via midi CC compared to if the aux switch was plugged directly into the H9 or if I use the switch on the unit itself.

      If I am in a preset and use one of the X,Y, or Z buttons to tweak a parameter but then trigger a preset up/down command via midi CC, the unit doesn't jump back to displaying the preset number and patch name, but rather stays on whatever parameter I was editing (e.g. mix, feedback). If I then activate a new preset, the unit will keep the X, Y, or Z button active, and just jump to whatever new parameter is being controlled by that button. This makes it very hard to scroll through and select new presets after doing any modifications to a sound at all.

      Conversely, if I use the right footswitch on the H9 to scroll through a preset after having used the X, Y or Z buttons, the display jumps back to displaying the preset number and name, making it very easy to select the correct preset. Is there any chance you could make the unit behave like this when receiving midi CC messages too. Thanks

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