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      Does anyone use the H9 as a DJ? 

      I’m keen to pick up tips/presets/settings that work well for DJing House & Techno tracks. I’ve created a few of my own using the digital delay & modechoverb but I’m wondering if anyone else has any advice to share.


      What algo’s are good for DJ FX? What settings/presets/FX do other DJs tend to go for?

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      This H9 video might interest you. The presenter talks about how he uses the H9 in his DJ sets:

      Review: Eventide H9 Harmonizer Effects Pedal

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      I was using an H9 Max in the FX loop of my Condesa Lucia rotary DJ mixer for a year, it was great to be able to control reverb and delay amount etc.

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      @Hermetech did you tap tempo in using your hands? be interested to know how you got the tempo through from what you were playing?  What was your workflow so to speak? please thanks

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      It was a few years ago now, but yes. I had a nice little portable rig: A Condesa Lucia mixer, a pair of battery powered Fiio X5 players (lossless audio with high line level outs), and the H9 Max, all fit on a very small desk space. The tap tempo I’d do with my hands in real time. This was the best mix I got out of that setup I think:

      The blends on that Condesa were just insane, I miss it! I had an H9 bank I made just for DJing, it was just subtle Reverbs and Delays I think. I tried to be tasteful… 😉

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